Review of Project Nectar Flow Kodagu before Monsoon.

As part of the ongoing Flood relief rehabilitation project of Kinder Trust and WZCC Trust, on 8th June Brigadier Mac Devaiah, Subbaya Nadikeriyanda, Apoorva Bee Expert, Vijaya Devaiah and Diana Bharucha held a review meeting of the project NECTAR FLOW in Madapur, Coorg. Although there was adequate honey harvested , the past few months were difficult times for the farmers. Since they started the project late, only in February and harvested in May / June.. We got to know the difficulties faced , the corrective methods needed for coming season and how we could help more people after the monsoon . Apoorva decided to take 75% of the hives back to Bangalore and look after them during monsoon, this way the bees would not abscond.

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