Kinder Trust on World Disability Day

On 29th Nov 2019, to mark World Disability Day, coming up on 3rd December, like always, Kinder Trust went to Indiranagar colony, for people with disability, 10 kms away from Ooty, to distribute blankets as the winter has set in to the Nilgiris.
With the assistance and help from Mr Nicholas, Ooty and Mr Manickam president of the panchayat we were able to distribute the blankets. We were entertained with a dance by the children and taken around the colony to some of the homes. On hearing about Kinder Trust skill development centre at Hubathalai, these people were requesting one such centre at their colony as they were unable to come all the way to Hubathalai! They said they would approach the administration for setting up the centre. One lady with polio was keen to teach embroidery as well as make articles for sale. We would like to encourage them to form a self help group.

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