Kerala Flood Relief Assistance to over 1800 families

On 14 August 2018, severe floods affected the South Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka’s Kodagu  District. These areas were hit by unprecedented heavy rainfall due to the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in over a century. As per Official records in Kerala, 33000 people were rescued, 1,247,496 people were sheltered in relief camps and 483 died. In Kodagu, 800 families were displaced and 1200 houses were destroyed or damaged. Rs.120 crore of roads were damaged. Homes with water over the first floor was a common sight, huts completely washed away, lush green fields turned into marsh lands strewn with bodies, rotting trees, rubble and approach roads totally washed away. The world awoke to the news of a major catastrophe. Religion, caste, social status was irrelevant. Help from all India began to pour in.


As a gesture of goodwill,  Zoroastrians worldwide  donated generously to WZO Trust, for the people who were badly affected. The WZO Trusts and Kinder Trust teamed up and got into action to bring succor to the worst affected. Field visits were made by Diana Bharucha, Kinder Trust and team of volunteers to Kerala and Kodagu to ascertain the damage and check out the ground realities, requirements  and distributed aid personally.
Amazingly, every religious institution, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, along with volunteers came forward to assist  Kinder  Trust in distributing relief!  At times volunteers had to even trek over difficult terrain with relief material to be delivered to remote areas where roads were washed away.

A total of  8 tons of Rice, 3 tons of lentils, 2.5 tons of Sugar, 1700 liters of cooking oil,  tea, salt, sambar powder, Tooth brushes  / tooth paste , Mosquito coils,  phenyl bottles, cleaning brushes,  swivel mops with buckets, solar lamps with cell phone charging facility for people living in remote areas, Gas geysers for children at shelters, batteries, Buckets, Water filter,  nightdresses, Jackets, Children’s clothing, Lungis, T shirts for men, saris, Petty coats, blouses, Bed sheets, Blankets, Towels, Under garments, Mattresses, Sets of Vessels, dettol, bleaching powder, hand soap, washing soap were distributed .  A total of 1800 families we assisted with supplies for a month. 

Apart from  aid in the form of supplies,  medical camps were conducted at six severely affected districts of Kerala with the help of volunteer Doctors, villagers and a Old Boys Alumnus of a School in Thrissur. More than 600 patients were treated.  As the threat of leptospirosis epidemic outbreak was looming, medical aid was imperative.  More than 600 patients were attended to and medication supplied free of cost with the help of 3 Doctor Volunteers .

70,000  Doxycycline tablets were donated as a preventive measure for door to door distribution by Asha workers where a few people had  already died of Rat fever.