HAPPY TO TEACH & LEARN powered by Kinder Trust

Kinder Trust has come up with a programme HAPPY TO TEACH AND LEARN to assist the children of the Government School at Jeevanbimanagar in Bangalore with online classes being done by our volunteers most of which are qualified teachers for class 9. Since the children needed data & devices to get on zoom, Kinder Trust happily arranged for the same.

We are happy to inform you that our project HAPPY TO TEACH AND LEARN has started with 3 children (2 of which have physical disability). By one child’s determination, generations after him / her will change their social strata. Many economically weak students in the Govt. School just need an opportunity to prove themselves, but poverty and circumstances defy them. The on-line zoom classes for class 9 we hope, will help them to compete with their counter parts in private schools. Till we get laptops donated for them, they will have to manage with cell phones (which they did not even have). We have to thank and praise our volunteer teachers from the neighborhood who are conducting the classes despite the additional work load at their homes. If any one can donate used laptops or dongles it will improve the class immensely. Hope our project HAPPY TO TEACH AND LEARN will help these children and others that may join in soon. Attached is a picture of a boy from the same school who just passed the board examinations with 98.56%, a great inspiration to all in the school.

Thanks to our volunteers who have volunteered to spare their time !

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