Spastic triplegia patient update

Friends, good news! A 12 year old boy from Coonoor, son of a roadside cap seller at Ooty market, suffering from Spastic triplegia who was unable to move around or stand, unable to straighten his knees, but otherwise very attentive, has been taking 3 months treatment from the very competent physiotherapist Mr.Venketesh sent by Mr. Clement of Kinder Trust, has shown remarkable improvement. From 180 degrees to 0 ! We aim to make him first walk with a walker and send him to a hostel / school as per his wishes. He wants to make news paper bags to while his time now. Poor child, the physiotherapist said he screamed and cried with pain during the sessions, but kept telling the physiotherapist to go ahead as he really wants to walk …. Just can’t wait to see it .

Manigandan and Puspa

This couple Manigandan and Puspa are from Uppatty near Gudalur, Nilgiris, were found at the Nilgiris collector’s office by Mr.Satyamoorthy (of the Hindu) while the couple was giving a petition for self employment loan and for a vehicle to the collector.
Manigandan was born after his father passed away, he was brought up by his grandmother and his uncle and studied in Erode. While working in Tiruppur in a factory he went for a training to Pondicherry, there he met Puspa who is partially blind, they fell in love and got married 5 months ago.
Unfortunately, Manigandan was advised by the doctor, not to work in Tiruppur as he was allergic to textile dust and had started wheezing. Hence, Manigandan had to come back to Gudalur. As of now he is without as job and wanted the collector to help him so that he is not a burden on anybody.
At the collectors office they were asked to meet the concerned Department officer and to go to his office, but they did not have the money for an auto to go there, they had only enough money to return back to Gudalur, so they could not go to meet the department officer. It was touching to see Pushpa carry her husband like a child and walking although she herself cannot see.
Kinder Trust along with Mr.Satyamoorthy are helping them financially and to assist them get the Aawin milk booth assured by the collector along with a vehicle. Those willing to help this couple in any way, may please get in touch with Kinder Trust at 9880433711 or 8903769949

Donation needed for Filariasis patient

Rxxxka is a patient of Filariasis and is at present unemployed for many months because of her condition, she under employed for many years. She has been a masonry helper for a while carrying stuff at building sites etc. her husband sits with a token at Bedford Coonoor, waiting for some coolie job lifting tea sacks etc. but she says that now he gets less work. They have a son who has no job and not with them. The only saving grace is the daughter for whom funds were raised from various places to put her through nursing school and she is working @ Kuppaswamy Hospital Coimbatore as a trainee for the last year . Kinder Trust has agreed to pay for her treatment in Kerala where there is some machine treatment which gives relief. However, there is NO CURE only relief for this disease. Apparently doctors have said that with the machine treatment she will see a huge improvement in her filariasis. It is an on going treatment every six to eight months or so. We look forward to donations of any amount from Indian citizens (especially from the Nilgiris) for helping her. Please call for further details or queries.

Kinder Trust Coonoor and KMF Hospitals Kothagiri together conduct Children’s Health Camp for village kids of Indira Nagar and Kumaran Colony village residents on 27 August 2017

A free Paediatric Health Camp was organized by KMF HOSPITAL Kotagiri jointly with Kinder Trust Coonoor at the Community Centre Indira Nagar.  The local Women Self Help Group and the Youth Wing of the two colonies reinforced the efforts.

The event was held  between 9.30am to 3.30pm. Over 120 village children were brought in by their parents for their general health check and overall evaluation. A team of six medical workers headed by Dr. Ms. Reny Joseph M.D.(Paed) of KMF Hospital, Kotagiri steered the event. The Village Head Mr Raju, the Women Self Help group leader Mrs Jaya, Mrs Diana Barucha, Managing Trustee of Kinder Trust and V.S Ramana Trustee Kinder Trust Coonoor inaugurated the event and addressed the gathering.

Children were evaluated for their overall health, ENT, some were also given nebulization and were dispensed with requisite medicines sponsored by the pharma companies and also by Kinder Trust.

A free follow-up within a week will be given at the KMF Hospital for all patients seen. Should any test be required after the follow up, the cost of the same will be borne by Kinder Trust.

Special thanks to volunteers Rita Suresh  and Andrew S. for making the camp a success.

Kinder Trust interacting with children with disabilities at Coonoor Tamil Nadu Camp held on 22 July’17

Kinder Trust attended the Government camp at Kotagiri town Tamil Nadu on 20 July ’17 , organized by SSA (Serva Shiksha Abhiyan and RMSA ( Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan) to interact with the children who attended the camp and meet the officials from the District Differently able Welfare office to collect data about the children’s specific needs.

Alliance between Ortho One Hospital & Kinder Trust

Kinder Trust has mutually agreed with Ortho One Coimbatore, a well reputed Orthopedic hospital to screen poor patients of the Nilgiris at their clinic in Coonoor.

Our salutations to Ortho One Hospital for support and assistance to Kinder Trust by agreeing to screen poor differently abled patients FREE OF CHARGE . Many thanks to Mr Prithveen (administrator ) Mr Jackson and the concerned Doctors. Two of these patients need prosthesis , one for hand and the other for the leg , One needs to see a spine specialist , another two need to see a deformity specialist . These patients will be seen by the concerned specialist when the Doctors come to Coonoor shortly.