Review of Project Nectar Flow Kodagu before Monsoon.

As part of the ongoing Flood relief rehabilitation project of Kinder Trust and WZCC Trust, on 8th June Brigadier Mac Devaiah, Subbaya Nadikeriyanda, Apoorva Bee Expert, Vijaya Devaiah and Diana Bharucha held a review meeting of the project NECTAR FLOW in Madapur, Coorg. Although there was adequate honey harvested , the past few months were difficult times for the farmers. Since they started the project late, only in February and harvested in May / June.. We got to know the difficulties faced , the corrective methods needed for coming season and how we could help more people after the monsoon . Apoorva decided to take 75% of the hives back to Bangalore and look after them during monsoon, this way the bees would not abscond.

Prosthesis Camp Coonoor 12th Jan and 22nd February 2019


A free Orthopedic camp sponsored by M/s Dymos Lear Automotive India, conducted by Freedom Trust, Chennai and organised by Kinder Trust, Coonoor along with local volunteers was held on January 12, 2019 at the CSI Wesley Church Hall, TDK Road, Coonoor between 11AM to 2PM.

The camp was well attended. The Chief Guest Dr. J. Raghunathan, Municipal Health Officer, Coonoor Municipality lent his support on the occasion praising the effort put in by all to have such a camp at Nilgiris. He lit the lamp along with Dr. S. Sunder, Mr. Jabarathnam President, Citizens Forum, Mr. R. Parameshwaran, President, Merchant’s Association and Kinder Trustees Mrs. Diana Bharucha, Ms. Samantha Iyanna & Mr. V.S.Ramana.

Dr. Sundar a leading Physiatrist from Chennai, ably supported by his Freedom Trust team held consultations for 31 persons of all age groups with multiple disabilities such as foot, leg and arm amputees/deformities, CP & MR. They have taken necessary measurements for those needing calipers and other orthopedic aids for which expenses will be sponsored by M/s. Dymos Lead. These will be manufactured fitted/distributed within a month free of cost. A separate camp at Coonoor will be a sequel to culminate this collaborative social initiative.

Project Nectar Flow

As part of the ongoing rehabilitation process, on the 9th of January 2019 Kinder Trust together with WZO Trust launched a Bee Keeping project NECTAR FLOW in the Kodagu hills for farmers affected by the recent land slides and floods as a means of rehabilitation. With support from the Horticulture department and technical tie up with Mr Apoorva of Sridhar Industries, training of the farmers to Bee keeping starts. We wish them a sweet future with honey harvesting and we look forward to a sustainable income for them.

WZO Trust and Kinder Trust, synergy making the world a better place!

We Thank all the individual and Institutional Donors who gave generously from the bottom of our hearts and for the faith they had in our efforts. We are still continuing with or efforts in rehabilitation and shall need to do so for some more time to come.

The Ladies of Mancombu in Kerala are are an enterprising lot


The 20 ladies of Mancombu, Kerala are an enterprising lot ! They got in toch with us after seeing the local news on TV that Kinder Trust / WZO Trust is distributing relief material. We checked out that these families were very badly affected because they live on the back waters and prone to flooding. Apart form giving them a months supply of food, daily necessities and mattresses etc. They were happy to start a self help centre in the tailoring shop that was completely destroyed.  Kinder Trust reconditioned some machines  bought new machines, equipment and furniture and that saw the birth of NANMA SWAYAM SAHAYA.  Inaugurated on 28 December 2018, the enthusiasm was great . We wish the young entrepreneurs great success to keep working in the face of so much adversity!

BOTTLES OF HOPE made at UDHAVI school for children with special needs . Project initiated by Jehan Sethna, Coonoor

Kinder Trust had sponsored 10 BOTTLES OF HOPE made by the children of UDHAVI ( school for children with special needs) with assistance of volunteers, so as to give them some training,  some earnings  and a sense of pride and confidence .

The initiative has been started by Jehan Sethna of Coonoor with an aim to save the environment  by using old bottles, help tribals and villagers  struggling with power issues, students in hamlets and people with disabilities. Kinder Trust is happy to partner with UDHAVI and Jehan Sethna for distribution of the lamps  for this wonderful scheme.


World Day for People with Disabilities celebrated

Kinder Trust was invited by the Sarva shiksha Abhiyan of Nilgiris to a celebration for the children with disabilities and facilitated for the assistance given to the day care centre.

There after, Kinder Trust distributed 21 woolen blankets to the children of the day care centre.

The next day Kinder Trust distributed 35 woolen blankets to the School students of UDHAVI a school run for children with special needs.


4 Blankets were distributed to Tribal children  with disability

Kerala Flood Relief Assistance to over 1800 families

On 14 August 2018, severe floods affected the South Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka’s Kodagu  District. These areas were hit by unprecedented heavy rainfall due to the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in over a century. As per Official records in Kerala, 33000 people were rescued, 1,247,496 people were sheltered in relief camps and 483 died. In Kodagu, 800 families were displaced and 1200 houses were destroyed or damaged. Rs.120 crore of roads were damaged. Homes with water over the first floor was a common sight, huts completely washed away, lush green fields turned into marsh lands strewn with bodies, rotting trees, rubble and approach roads totally washed away. The world awoke to the news of a major catastrophe. Religion, caste, social status was irrelevant. Help from all India began to pour in.


As a gesture of goodwill,  Zoroastrians worldwide  donated generously to WZO Trust, for the people who were badly affected. The WZO Trusts and Kinder Trust teamed up and got into action to bring succor to the worst affected. Field visits were made by Diana Bharucha, Kinder Trust and team of volunteers to Kerala and Kodagu to ascertain the damage and check out the ground realities, requirements  and distributed aid personally.
Amazingly, every religious institution, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, along with volunteers came forward to assist  Kinder  Trust in distributing relief!  At times volunteers had to even trek over difficult terrain with relief material to be delivered to remote areas where roads were washed away.

A total of  8 tons of Rice, 3 tons of lentils, 2.5 tons of Sugar, 1700 liters of cooking oil,  tea, salt, sambar powder, Tooth brushes  / tooth paste , Mosquito coils,  phenyl bottles, cleaning brushes,  swivel mops with buckets, solar lamps with cell phone charging facility for people living in remote areas, Gas geysers for children at shelters, batteries, Buckets, Water filter,  nightdresses, Jackets, Children’s clothing, Lungis, T shirts for men, saris, Petty coats, blouses, Bed sheets, Blankets, Towels, Under garments, Mattresses, Sets of Vessels, dettol, bleaching powder, hand soap, washing soap were distributed .  A total of 1800 families we assisted with supplies for a month. 

Apart from  aid in the form of supplies,  medical camps were conducted at six severely affected districts of Kerala with the help of volunteer Doctors, villagers and a Old Boys Alumnus of a School in Thrissur. More than 600 patients were treated.  As the threat of leptospirosis epidemic outbreak was looming, medical aid was imperative.  More than 600 patients were attended to and medication supplied free of cost with the help of 3 Doctor Volunteers .

70,000  Doxycycline tablets were donated as a preventive measure for door to door distribution by Asha workers where a few people had  already died of Rat fever.