Eye Operation

In mid April Kinder Trust was approached to help the grandson of a road sweeper  with operating his eye that was injured due to an accident involving a pencil point breaking in it.

After consultation at two eye hospitals, the child Troy, was admitted to Lions Super Specialty Hospital Bangalore on 25 April ’18 for eye lens implant to save his eye and stop negative effect on the other eye. Kinder Trust thanks our volunteer and Donor Minakshi Prabhu to bring the child to our attention and to even donate towards the entire surgery cost. Many thanks also to the BW Lions Club super specialty Hospital to do a major surgery at a subsidized cost. We wish Troy happy vision for a lifetime …….

Conoor Government School Girl

In end March ’18 ,  we found a sweet 10  year old girl from Coonoor  Government School who had to shift from one government school to another  as she suffers from incontinence and as such cannot control her bladder.

Presently admitted in the girls hostel at Mount Pleasant. with the assistance from Dr.Bharathy the child was taken to  consultation at Coimbatore  and has been prescribed medication for the time being. Kinder Trust has accepted to provide the medication for this child till such time further intervention is needed .

Update on Ameer

Friends , Good news ! Ameer  was operated again successfully on 9 April ’18, he is in pain but always claiming he is fine ! No doubt, very happy to see his legs straightened, some thing he had not imagined  since birth and a day closer to his being able to walk. Something we take so casually,  is one of his and his parents’ greatest dream . Kinder Trust would like to thank Ganga Hospital , Dr Balaji PRO and Dr Venkatdas pediatric ortho  surgeon in particular for their assistance & generosity.  Their competence gives Kinder Trust the zest and encouragement to keep on with the objectives of the trust.

Ameer’s second and final operation

Ameer, our sweet, smart and ever optimistic young patient of spastic triplegia was admitted to Ganga Hospital Coimbatore, again on 06.04.18 for the second and final operation to enable him to walk! His plaster from the 1st operation was cut and he is under very painful physiotherapy. Unfortunately, it seems this operation is not eligible to be paid for by the Govt. Health insurance (as in the case of the 1st operation ) and the concessional cost of this operation is at quoted Rs.80,000 to be paid by 10th April 2018.
Kinder Trust, appeals for donations for this operation and shall be obliged to accept donations of any amount. Kindly contact 9880433711 for further detail. Our bank details are in the donation page . Please do inform if you make a donation. Only Indian citizens can make a donation.

Baby Abdul Ajeej

Was operated on 5th April  for the second  operation to lift the eyelid and discharged on 7th April ’18. His sutures were removed and he is on his way to recovery . His single mother and grandmother are happy to see their child’s eye disability corrected . Many thanks to Aravind Eye Foundation that is the succor for may a needy person. Dr Bharathy  and Sai Saranya . We wish Abdul a great vision in life ahead ! This active boy is now happily playing and recovered , much to the joy of the mother and grandmother .

Babies with heart condition

On 04. April, 2018 . Kinder Trust along with Sai Saranya head nurse of Rashtriya Bal Swasthiya Karyakram (RBSK) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, had taken two small babies, Albert and Kiruthick with heart problems to Kuppaswamy Naidu Hospital in Coimbatore for pediatric heart echo cardiogram to ascertain their condition, and if surgery is necessary. The reports showed that the hole in their hearts were improving and a follow up visit after 3 months will be necessary to decide on operating.

Eyelid Correction to avoid loss of vision

Baby Abdul Ajeej was also taken to Aravind Eye Foundation for his second and hopefully final operation to save his right eye vision by lifting this eyelid on 4 April 2018, He was discharged by Aravind Eye Foundation 06.04.2018 after a successful operation and is recovering at home.
Kinder Trust would like to thank  Aravind Eye Foundation and it’s staff for the  excellent free service rendered .

On 26 Feb ’18, morning 3 children were brought down from Coonoor to Coimbatore by Kinder Trust n Dr Bharathy of Rashtriya Bal Swasthiya Karyakram (RBSK) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, to world famous orthopedic Ganga Hospital & Aravind Eye Hospital.
With the hope and intention of making two of them able to walk and the third for eyelid correction and to save the eye !
Selvan was operated on 27th Feb, Ameer on 28th for the first of two more complicated surgeries by Dr.Venkatdas pediatric orthopedic surgeon @ Ganga  Hospital.

Baby Abdul Ajees got the first of more surgeries to correct the squint , then to ensure his eyelid is lifted up so that he does not turn blind. Intense physiotherapy will be needed to make these operations  of both these boys successful.🙏🏻.  Kinder Trust  are even shifting Ameer to an interim accommodation in Coonoor to enable frequent physiotherapy for the next few months.  Many thanks to Samina Sait for the assistance in accommodation  for Ameer  as it was not possible to physically take him down 100 steps to his home.

A Spectacles Camp

On 9th February, Kinder Trust had distributed 108 spectacles to children from low income groups after eye testing. Kinder Trust thanks an anonymous donor 🙏 to make it possible! Hopefully, these children will be able to study better. Special thanks to Dr. Porkodi DDH, Ooty to grant permission to conduct the event. This event was possible only with the active involvement of Dr Bharathi (RBSK) Coonoor Taluk and our most active volunteers Mr.Jabarathnam & Samantha.

Gangag Hospital Visit

GANGAG HOSPITAL VISIT  On 18 January 2018 , Kinder Trust along with Dr. Bharathi Rashtriya Bal Swasthiya Karyakram (RBSK) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, took 3 children 2 of which were C.P patients and one who is having very severe deformity from Coonoor town to Coimbatore for a check up to see if these children can be made to walk by surgical procedure. two of which have been asked to come for surgery on 5th February 2018. Kinder Trust and the children will need your blessings for the success of the surgery which is the first process to make them walk.

Pongal Celebration

Pongal celebration at Priya colony ( for people with disabilities) in Kodanad.
With the kind donation of household items by Mr. Sadique for newly Weds Pushpa and Manikandan,( both with Disability) brought to the notice of Kinder Trust by Mr. Sathyamoorthy of Hindu news paper some time ago. We have managed to get them accommodated in this colony and gifted them the items. Many thanks to Mr. Ramesh Bhojaraj who instantly agreed to transport the goods to Kodanad the night before from Ooty. 🙏🏻 Kinder Trust looks forward to such volunteering to keep doing social work . Children in Priya colony enjoyed with a magic show and dancing. A talk about keeping the colony clean , free from litter, then distribution of community Pongal, gifting of household items to the newly Weds and the grand finale of the celebration was a competition with 4 teams of youngsters and children to collect all the plastic and paper littered in the colony! All the participants got a small cash prize with the entire area becoming litter free within 15 minutes and great team spirit ! Hands washing and hygiene lecture was the concluding event !