Ameer’s second and final operation

Ameer, our sweet, smart and ever optimistic young patient of spastic triplegia was admitted to Ganga Hospital Coimbatore, again on 06.04.18 for the second and final operation to enable him to walk! His plaster from the 1st operation was cut and he is under very painful physiotherapy. Unfortunately, it seems this operation is not eligible to be paid for by the Govt. Health insurance (as in the case of the 1st operation ) and the concessional cost of this operation is at quoted Rs.80,000 to be paid by 10th April 2018.
Kinder Trust, appeals for donations for this operation and shall be obliged to accept donations of any amount. Kindly contact 9880433711 for further detail. Our bank details are in the donation page . Please do inform if you make a donation. Only Indian citizens can make a donation.